Thawte Code Signing Certificate for Organizations


Easy online distribution has made it possible for developers to create fun and functional code, anywhere and everywhere. However, the potential for fraud and the spread of malicious code has increased as well. With a Thawte® Code Signing Certificate, your code will be as safe and trustworthy to customers as shrink-wrapped software from a store shelf.

Buy New OR Renew Your Thawte Code Signing Certificate


Features & Benefits

  • Full Business Validated Certificate
  • Uses a single certificate for most platforms and applications
  • Allows you to sign active content such as ActiveX, Macros, MIDlet (J2ME) and Java™ Applets for secure electronic distribution over the Internet
  • Ensures that your active content or code cannot be maliciously modified without being detected
  • Unlimited signing with a valid code signing certificate
  • Thawte's world-class certification procedures
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining code with a free timestamp.
  • Protect users from downloading harmful files
  • $50,000 warranty

Code Signing Certificates for:

  • Microsoft® Authenticode® (Multi-Purpose)
  • Sun Java®
  • Adobe® AIR®
  • Mac®
  • Microsoft® Office VBA

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